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Our clinic offers therapeutic services to help you feel your best. These services include graston massage, lumbar and cervical traction, and private gym packages. These packages can be purchased individually or in addition to our Wellness or All Core packages. These packages never expire and can be utilized whenever you feel necessary

Private Pay Services


Graston: A massage technique that utilizes metal tools to help reach the deeper muscle tissues. This technique helps increase blood flow and alleviate tightness. 


Traction: A gentle stretching of the spine with the use of a high-quality pulley machine. This treatment can be done on the cervical or lumbar spine to help decompress the spine. 


60-Minute Gym Sessions: Individualized exercise plans created and led by a skilled professional. 

Private Pay Service Pricing



$50 per individual session

$380 - 8 sessions

$570 - 12 sessions



$50 per individual session

$380 - 8 sessions

$570 - 12 sessions


Gym Sessions:

$216 - 12 Gym sessions

$288 - 16 Gym sessions

$360 - 20 Gym sessions

Interested in our additional Private Packages? 

Give us a call and we can get you scheduled! 


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